Just make that step! We improved our environmental footprint enormous by changing over to natural dyes


In a society with durable and sustainable production and consumption as a common responsibility, there is a need for sustainable products. Rubia 100% Natural Colours contributes to these products and processes by producing and offering natural colouring agents. Rubia 100% Natural Colours focuses on a future with a window of 25 years from now, where at least 50% of the colour agents that are used come from renewable sources.

Care for the planet

Card for the planet is a duty for everybody! Rubia 100% Natural Colours wants to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Therefore we only use renewable and non-harming sources. The Rubia 100% Natural Colours colouring agents are made from renewable sources - just plants, growing in the field. and no pesticides are needed. Grown is a closed loop because Rubia 100% Natural Colours only works with its own plant varieties, protected by plant breeder’s rights and these plants are cultivated by  the growers under licence. These growers only supply their plants to Rubia 100% Natural Colours. This way we are able to keep our promise and it remains possible to check the process and keep it consistent. The growers of the colouring plants work and live nearby the factory. The result is that transportation is limited.

Rubia 100% Natural Colours has a positive footprint. During the process more CO2 is absorbed than emitted. For 1 kilo extract of colour agent, over 10 kilo of CO2 has been absorbed during growth and production. Rubia Natural Colours produces in an energy-saving way and it uses only green energy. This way Rubia 100% Natural Colours contributes to sustainable textiles, cosmetics, paper. And as an end-of-life strategy: the Rubia extracts are fully biodegradable.

Corporate ethics

Rubia 100% Natural Colours is of the opinion that a durable society not only aims for durability of the product itself. Ethical management also contributes to the wellbeing of the earth.

Rubia 100% Natural Colours is in a continuous debate with brands and ngo’s to improve ethical circumstances in other parts of the world. It doesn’t make sense to forbid toxicity in European dye houses and at the same time import garments, dyed with toxic agents in other parts of the world, like Bangladesh. Every life in this world is valuable. Rubia 100% Natural Colours aims to contribute to the improvement of the supply chains by offering their knowledge and products. Rubia 100% Natural Colours actively participate in bodies like Textile Exchange, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Made-By. 

Stakeholders of Rubia Natural Colours, from employees to growers, from stakeholders and commissioners to neighbours are seen as essential and valuable links in the chain of the process to come to a durable society. For Rubia Natural Colours, people are the most important capital. Care for the planet also means care for people. That is why they we reward our employee-partners according to fair standards and they are optimally supported to develop their talents. Thanks to continuous innovation, a large group of growers was able to add new growth to their management.

Cradle to Cradle

Rubia 100% Natural Colours received in 2012 the Cradle-to-Cradle certificate. The technical cycle of Rubia 100% Natural Colours was judged by EPEA in Hamburg.

Eco Partners

To fulfill the important mission, Rubia 100% Natural Colours is working with dedicated and committed partners in the market. We like to call them our Eco-Partners, companies and people that have a similar vision and are committed to our sustainability mission and care about the planet.

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