Natural fibres, dyed with natural colours -
a logical choice!

Colourful fashion

A new generation of designers opt for durability and thus natural colours. Because in addition to the positive contribution to our planet, with Rubia 100% Natural Colours a colour intensity can be achieved which cause designs to stand out. Designers can also choose from a large and full colour spectrum with successive shades of orange, red, pink, brown, yellow and blue. Various talented fashion designers such as Rianne de Witte and Jan Taminiau work with Rubia.

Colourful fabrics

Furniture with fabric and leather upholstery is very suitable to be dyed with natural colour agents. Again the advantage of using a renewable source speaks for itself. More and more leading suppliers of furniture and office furniture would like to change over to naturally dyeing their products in the pursuit of durable products.

Colourful flooring

From a durability perspective, a naturally dyed carpet is the most logical choice. Natural colouring agents come from an endlessly renewable source – you do not need to recover fossil sources, such as oil. Another important difference compared to a synthetically dyed carpet is the fact that with natural dyed carpet natural shades can be achieved - with synthetic carpet you could not even come close. Well known carpet manufacturers, such as Everest Carpets, CarpetSign and Desso added the colouring agents of Rubia 100% Natural Colours to their development programme or launched new products with our natural colours.

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