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100% Natural Colours

In many products such as clothing, carpets, paint and cosmetics, colouring agents are used. These are often chemical-based or synthetic-based colouring agents. Nowadays, it is possible to change these synthetic colouring agents into natural colouring agents. Rubia 100% Natural Colours from the Netherlands uses only natural materials (plants) to extract the colouring agents. The obtained colouring agents are intended for the business to business market. A source for these colouring agents is for example the madder root. Rubia 100% Natural Colours works with its own madder varieties, which are cultivated by growers under licence. This way, Rubia is in full control over the purity of the cultivated material. In the factory at Steenbergen the root is handled according to a unique process and the natural colouring agents are isolated and packed for the market. This results in a consistent quality in line with the market demands.

Colouring agents

Rubia colouring agents are made ‘by nature’. Contrary to synthetic colours, at which the colour is only determined by one molecule, the natural colour of Rubia is determined by even 15 different substances. This gives an authentic, rich and natural colour to the eventual dyed end product which can hardly be equalled by chemical colouring agents.

Because of the use of various plants, each one of them is strong in its own colour applications and Rubia can make almost the entire colour spectrum with these colours. ‘Rubia Red 100% natural dye extract’ is recommended by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Rubia 100% Natural Colours produces 100% natural colour agents with unique characteristics:

  • Vegetable colouring agent in powder form;
  • The extract contains a great diversity of colouring components. Those colouring components cause a special colour glow which cannot be equalled with synthetic colouring agents;
  • Perfect attachment to fabrics, market conform light fastness, threads and other products such as wool and leather;
  • Environment-friendly production process and fully renewable materials. Cultivation does not compete with food crops because this plant can ideally be varied with a monoculture which would otherwise make things hard for the growers. It fits perfectly in the crop rotation;
  • Cultivation and production in the Netherlands. Quick transport and low use of energy and raw materials;
  • Optimal performance: good light fastness and very good washable;
  • Homogeneous, consistent, high quality because of the registered cultivation of a pure crop. Track tracé fully known and documented.

Extraction expertise

Rubia 100% Natural Colours builds on a strong reputation of extraction expertise. Although colouring agents is the main scope of their mission, Rubia 100% Natural Colours also extracts other valuable substances from various natural sources.


The production of colouring agents and pilot tests take place in the factory at Steenbergen. Research takes place from a multidisciplinary team which works in its own laboratory and at knowledge institutes such as Wageningen University and Gent University College. This is where we continuously work on broadening the field of application of Rubia’s 100% natural colouring agents.

Rubia 100% Natural Colours is a world leader in the market for natural colouring agents for non-food applications. The natural colouring agents of Rubia 100% Natural Colours are provided as a powder and they are just as easy to use as synthetic colouring agents. They can be easily used in existing large and small professional dye equipment. Through process engineering Rubia 100% Natural Colours is capable of producing natural colouring agents on a large scale, in large amounts, of consistent quality and fully traceable. The factory at Steenbergen is one of a kind. The colouring product is in stock for dyeing on a large scale.

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