Rubia Natural Colours produces natural colour agents from a renewable, natural source. The company operates within the business to business market and in this way, it helps producers to realize durable processes and products.


Rubia 100% Natural Colours is in a continuous movement and transition towards new sustainable solutions to colour your products. Innovation for us means ongoing developments till the moment we reach our shared vision of 100% natural and non-harming colouring processes, in every dye-house, all over the world!

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Rubia 100% Natural Colours new style!

April 27th. 2017

The attention for natural colours within segments of fashion and interior design is growing rapidly. Rubia 100% Natural Colours evoluates along with this sustainable transition by developing a new house style and coming up with a brand new website, focusing on a collaboration of partners in these segments to speed up the sustainable transition.

Cooperation between Rubia 100% Natural Colours and Wools of Holland

May 3th, 2017

Rubia 100% Natural Colours started to cooperate with Wools of Holland, the Dutch organization that collects wool from Dutch farmers. They contracted Buro Belen in Amsterdam to transfer the sustainable combination of wool, coloured with natural dyes into high end designer products for interiors. yet another example of the transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy.

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